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K&R SA, SICAV-RAIF is a Luxembourg-based fund family for well-informed investors. The two founders, Daniel Klein and Florian Reich-Rohrwig launched K&R SICAV in 2017. K&R currently operates two funds in European and Emerging Markets, based on a successful strategy running since 2013. Current Assets under Management are EUR ~30m, primarily from family offices and HNWIs.


Our beliefs guide our investments

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Markets are only partially efficient

  • Academic research and proven factors guide the way to the most attractive investment opportunities

  • Focus on less crowded parts of the market that large institutions cannot serve so well

  • Outperformance by thinking and acting differently – implementation know-how and experience matter

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Disciplined approach leads to success

  • Long-term focus – do not judge the success of a strategy by weekly or daily results (these are mostly random)

  • Discourage short-term investors to improve overall performance (lower liquidity and fewer transactions)

  • Full alignment of interest between investors and managers (significant co-invest, incentives primarily out of performance fee)

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Small is an advantage in certain parts of the market

  • Play in niches that are too small or not attractive enough for large institutions

  • Accept career risk (i.e., incur temporary under performance for stronger long-term gains)

  • Avoid benchmark-hugging – be willing to deviate significantly from reference index (large tracking error or entirely benchmark-free)

  • Manage assets rather than large organizations

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9-year track-record with 2x
the market's performance
(net of fees)

Well-tested alternative income strategy


Best-in-class returns




Founder & Executive Chairman

  • Daniel is Managing Partner and co-founder of a boutique consultancy for family offices in Zurich 

  • Previously he was MD of a Single Family Office for 5 years

  • 5+ years of experience at Bain & Company with long-standing experience in the Bain Private Equity Practice

  • Daniel holds a MSc in Management from London School of Economics and an MBA from INSEAD (with distinction)

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Founder & Member Investment Committee

  • Florian is Managing Director of a Single Family Office

  • Previously, Managing Director Global Real Estate and MD Tactical Asset Allocation at a Single Family Office

  • Previously Head of Investment Office of a multi-billion charity endowment

  • Started career at McKinsey & Co. (7 yrs./ Associate Principal) in financial services, asset management and corporate finance

  • Florian holds a Master plus PhD in Finance from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


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